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Protect and beautify your home

StyroFold 5 Plus is engineered to provide a life-long insulation layer between your old and new siding. Prevents Air infiltration. Allows Walls to Breathe.

With StyroFold 5 Plus

StyroFold 5 Plus helps keep wall cavities dry and your home comfortable year round. With 33% fewer seams than competing sheet insulation, StyroFold 5 Plus reduces energy loss through air infiltration.

Without StyroFold 5 Plus

Many insulation boards can trap harmful moisture inside the wall, which may lead to dry rot and the growth of dangerous molds and mildew.

  • Provides Superior Thermal Protection:
    EPS Foam insulation offers the best long-term R-value of all traditional insulation products. Protects even in the harshest climates.
  • Saves Energy: StyroFold's 4' x 24' construction provides a continuous layer of protection with fewer seams than competing insulation boards. By covering cracks in the old siding and around windows and doors, StyroFold helps eliminate drafts and energy-robbing air infiltration.
  • Breathes Moisture Vapor: Trapped vapor aids the growth of allergycausing molds and spores, which can contribute to respiratory problems. StyroFold 5 Plus allows harmful moisture to escape. Exceeds US and Canadian standards for breathability. CCMC # 13066-R
  • Helps Prevent Mildew and Dry Rot: Perforated facers allow walls to breathe, helping to prevent mildew, dry rot and structural damage caused by trapped moisture within wall cavities.
  • Installs Directly Over Old Siding: Levels wall so new siding installs flat and straight.
  • Reduces Street Noise.
  • Helps Keep Out Dust and Pollen.

Everywhere two building materials come together, at every joint in exterior sheathing, you're likely to have a leak. In fact, the average 2000 square foot home has about a half-mile of cracks and gaps. This uses excess energy, leads to higher utility bills, and the moisture that comes in through these gaps can cause rotting and the development of fungus or mold.

Kaycan's Sure-Wrap serves as an air barrier, a vapor retarder, and a watershed that is installed between the exterior sheathing (often OSB) and the finished siding.

To effectively inhibit air transfer through the wall, housewrap must:

-  be overlapped and taped at all seams and cuts,
-  extend under the bottom plate and above the top plate, and
-  be secured around openings and penetrations.

Strong, woven fabric "envelope" protects against moisture and air infiltration. Micro perforations in the film allows fabric to breath - "exhaling" harmful water vapor.

Competitive Comparison


Kaycan Sure-Wrap is one of few translucent housewrap products, making it easier to accurately cut, fit, and fasten. Easier installation results in even more savings.

UV Exposure

Kaycan Sure-Wrap is protected from harmful ultra-violet rays up to 3 times as long as most competitive products.

Water Vapor Permeance

Kaycan Sure-Wrap meets or exceeds minimum 5 perms requires by building code.

Tensile Strength

Kaycan Sure-Wrap has almost twice the tensile strength of most competitive products.

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