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All County Aluminum offers Leaf Guard installation in Toronto!

As we all know, for the optimal performance of the eavestrough (rain water caring system) they need to be cleaned twice a year (once in the spring after the blooming is over, and once in the fall, after leafs are down). It is difficult to keep up with the maintenance. Sometimes we forget to clean the eavestrough, or it is very difficult access, or other reasons. Failure to maintain the eavestrough will result in having weeds growing in your trough. Picture on the left demonstrates how severe the problem may become.






Leaf guard will protect your eavestrough in any weather, any season, 24 HR a day, 7 days a week. But there is a catch, - not every leaf guard works. Some of them create more problems than protection. The worst leaf guard would be any kind of metal or plastic mesh. The holes are too big, so smaller debris and seeds will penetrate through, and then will become a moss or small garden (like the picture on the right)







The Solution!

We have been very successful with the Alu-Rex Leaf Guard and using it since 2002. This leaf guard minimizes debris penetration, without jeopardizing the capacity to obtain all the rain water that the weather will throw. It also will prevent ice and snow accumulation inside the eavestrough, allowing your rain water caring system to work as soon as the temperature rises above 0°C. The Gutter Clean System and T-Rex eavestrough fastening systemkeeps the leaves and snow out of your eavestroughs so they keep doing their job all the time! And if leaves land on the eavestrough protection, a slight gust of wind is all it takes to make them disappear!

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