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Attic ventilation

We employ a combination of soffit vents and ridge vents to pull air through the attic. Wind or natural convection pulls air out of the attic through the ridge vents, while replacement air flows in through the soffits. It’s a system that works with no moving parts or energy consumption. Depending upon the structure of your roof, other systems may be recommended - we also install wind turbines, air hawks, and a variety of powered and solar-powered vents.


In warm months, adequate attic ventilation prevents heat build-up in the attic, thereby reducing the load on your cooling system. In colder weather, it serves to pull out the warm, moist air generated by your laundry, showers, cooking, etc. (3-5 gallons per day - or more). If not vented, this moisture can condense on cooler solid surfaces and drip - becoming trapped in roofing and insulation, which can cause extensive damage.


Proper attic ventilation also contributes to the performance of insulation and radiant barrier spray. The results are added comfort in all seasons, reduced energy consumption throughout the year, and the prevention of damage to your home.

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