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All County Aluminum Certifications

 Excellence BBB Rating A+ - What are BBB standards against which businesses are evaluated? The standards in which the BBB evaluates businesses are listed below. They call this their BB Standards for Trust.

Build Trust - Establish and maintain a positive track record in the marketplace.

Tell the Truth - Honestly represent products and services, including clear and adequate disclosures of all material terms.

Be Transparent - Openly identify the nature, location, and ownership of the business, and clearly disclose all policies, guarantees and procedures that bear on a customer's decision to buy.

Honour Promises - Abide by all written agreements and verbal representations.

Be Responsive - Address marketplace disputes quickly, professionally, and in good faith.

Safeguard Privacy - Protect any data collected against mishandling and fraud, collect personal information only as needed, and respect the preferences of consumers regarding the use of their information.

Embody Integrity - Approach all business dealings, marketplace transactions and commitments with integrity. We have a proven track record with the community with an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau. To view our rating, please click here

Municipal Licensing & Standards
All County Aluminum is licensed to perform operations in the city of Toronto. To view our license, please click here


Prevention is Action! All County Aluminum is active member of Work Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario. All our installers are passed training in fall protection and WHMIS.





All County Aluminum is insured by Aviva Business Insurance. No one has immunity to accidents, but with the proper planning, maintenance and prevention measures in place, it can be eliminated. Bonds are available upon request ($650).



Vinyl Siding Institute's (VSI's) Certified Installer Program VSI's certification process involves a combination of hands on instruction, classroom training and a written test given by a VSI certified trainer. All County Aluminum approved by the VSI. Each certified installer must demonstrate the knowledge and skills to properly install vinyl siding and accessories based on industry standards. When you choose All County Aluminum you can trust that your new siding will be installed properly and professionally.


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Our Credentials

BBB Rating A+

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